Dvd Avins (barking_iguana) wrote,
Dvd Avins

Jessalyn Raddack

How Jessalyn Raddack learned the hard way that emails don't really disappear. (Yes, I know they can be really scrubbed.)
My "fatal career mistake" when I worked at the Justice Department was resurrecting e-mails after the hard-copy file of smoking-gun documents had been purged in the case of "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh. I did this back on March 7, 2002, when I learned of a federal discovery order that had been deliberately concealed from me, and for which I had authored responsive documents. I found that the e-mails necessary to comply with the discovery order had been purged from the office file. I resurrected the missing e-mails from the bowels of the computer archives with the help of tech support, provided them to my boss, resigned, and took home a copy for safekeeping in case they "disappeared again."

So when the White House says that e-mails dealing with the U.S. Attorney massacrre may have been lost, I say nothing is ever really "lost" when it comes to e-mail. I learned the hard way because I was punished unmercifully (criminal investigation, fired from my new job at the government's behest, referred to the state bars in which I'm licensed, and put on the "no-fly" list) for recovering the information that, not coincidentally, helped to tank the Lindh case.
According to Wikipedia, "After some time, the criminal investigation was closed with no charges, but her case was referred to the state bar of Maryland, which eventually cleared her of all wrongdoing."

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